Ultrathin electronics glass

Almaden ultra-thin electronic glass is a chemically tempered glass, soda lime glass typically utilizing ion exchange manner, the uniform manufacture of the glass surface residual stress, to achieve the purpose of strengthening.

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Almaden ultra-thin electronic glass features:  

High strength, good thermal stability, the treated glass surface without loss of smoothness, no distortion, can be cut, no blew phenomenon, and simple process, without heat, shape restrictions, high yield, suitable for thin-walled, profiled , large glass products increased.

Use of Almaden ultra-thin electronic glass:  

Chemical tempering technology overcomes the disadvantages of wind steel technology in improving the strength of the glass, while in no way affect the optical performance. It can be widely used in glass light transmission properties, the effect of higher surface areas, such as aircraft and advanced travel windshield, high-end architectural glass, instrument glass, optical instruments and appliances glass panels and other products. 

Almaden ultra-thin electronic glass production capacity:  

Any thickness of glass

Maximum Specifications: By reaction of molten salt tank size varies

Minimum Specifications: 0.4mm - 19mm

Production of varieties: Various types of flat, curved, shaped tempered glass

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