Glass light guide plate (G-LGP)

G-LGP product is a new attempt of Almaden in the field of electronics. Almaden LGP has good light guiding properties, high fiber conversion rate, high luminous efficiency in the same area and low power consumption, which can be used under any kind of light source. With mature technology, Almaden guarantees its G-LGP products’reliability.

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Almaden G-LGP products can be customized depending on clients need.

G-LGP is an optical material mainly used for liquid crystal display, and is a high-tech product for converting a line source into a surface light source. Almaden G-LGP uses ultra-thin physical tempered glass as the substrate. Based on the backlight module technology of LCD display and laptop, via the high transmittance of the light guiding point and calculating the light guide point by computer, the surface light source is formed in a uniform state and there comes Almaden G-LGP product.

Combined the principle of spectral analysis with digital UV printing technology , Almaden G-LGP is produced in constant temperature, constant humidity and dust-free environment. It has the characteristics of ultra-thin, super bright, uniform light guiding, energy saving, environmental protection, no dark area, durable, hard yellowing, simple and quick installation and maintenance.

Almaden G-LGP can be applied to digital cameras, TVs, game consoles, notebooks and other display devices to provide a more uniform distribution of brightness for device display.

Glass guide plate parameters:




The characteristics of Almaden light guide plate :

  • Can be cut to any desired size, you can also use splicing, the process is simple, easy to make;  

  • Light uniformity, long life, indoor normal use more than eight years, safety and environmental protection, durable and reliable all suitable for indoor and outdoor; 

  • Under the same area of the light emitting brightness, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption;  

  • Can be made into shaped, such as round, oval, circular, triangular and so on;

  • Under the same brightness, you can use a thinner product, cost savings;

  • Can use any light source, line source point conversion to make the surface light source, the light source comprises LEDCCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp), fluorescent tubes.

Almaden Process Advantages:

  • German imports of automatic precision glass production line, faster than the traditional processing method 20 times.  

  • The world's only 2mm or less physical steel ultra-thin glass production line.  

  • Superior optical design capabilities and production and processing technology.


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