EagleLite® Ultrathin thermal tempered glass

Almaden is the largest manufacturer of ultrathin physically tempered glass(thickness≤2mm) in the world.

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The Best Production Lines Produce The Best Products:

  • Almaden is the largest manufacturer of ultrathin physically tempered glass in the world.

  • Almaden owns the best equipments with cutting edge technology.

  • Almaden produces ultrathin physically tempered glass (thickness≤2.0mm) with superior quality and high yield   rate.

  • Proprietary air cushion processing technique helps produce the best ultrathin physically tempered glass.

Advantages of EagleLite® Glass:

  • The thickness of EagleLite® glass is only 2mm or less.

  • Physically tempered ultrathin glass presents the ideal combination of durability and flexibility.

  • Unique air cushion tempering design enables large area ultrathin solar glass tempering with traditional low cost physically tempering technology.

  • Precise edge processing and cutting.

  • Minimal optical distortion and non-existent roller marks.

  • Lighter but tougher - more than 35% lighter than regular solar cover glass without compromising mechanical durability.

  • Higher light transmittance ensures higher module power output.

Applications of EagleLite® Glass:

  • Solar glass

  • Parabolic mirror glass

  • Ornamental glass

  • High performance ultrathin mirror


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