Anti-reflective coating soalr glass(More)

Almaden anti-reflective nano coating on solar glass allows more than 3% of the sunlight into the solar cells, which can directly increase the power output of solar panels, continually adding value to users.  

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Advantages of Almaden Anti-reflective Glass:

  • Specially formulated nano coating solely for photovoltaic applications.

  • Optimum refractive index for low iron solar glass.

  • Precisely tuned film thickness ensures the best optical performance.

  • Strongest chemical bonds between the glass and the coating guarantees the best adhesion.

  • Self-cleaning is achievable with uniquely designed contamination repellent nano coating.

Applications of Anti-reflective Glass:

  • Facade of Modern Building - Reduce the light pollution with comfortable shading experience

  • Solar glass - Increase transmittance of light and to generate more electricity from solar panels

  • Flat plate solar water heater - Increase light transmittance


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