Good news! The Australian project of Almaden ultra-thin double glass components was successfully connected to the grid

Date: 2019-01-29 Browse: 1608

Good news from changzhou Almaden co., LTD. Today, the company has completed the construction and connection of another 200KW project in Adelaide, Australia, with an estimated annual output of 414,000kwh. The project is provided by changzhou Almaden with ultra-thin double-sided double glass components, and the Australian Almaden company is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of the project.

According to the person in charge of the introduction, the area of long sunshine, double-sided components back battery efficiency can get the best play. The Almaden double glass components are made of 2mm glass on the positive and negative sides. The total thermal resistance is more than 25% lower than that of the general components. The lower operating temperature brings higher power generation of the components, which can increase the income of the power station. Its frameless design makes it difficult for dust to accumulate on the edge of the component, does not block the battery, is easier to clean, and saves maintenance costs.

In addition, thanks to the Australian government's strong support for clean energy,Almaden has plans to build a 1MW power station in the region.


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