Almaden has been awarded the AEO customs advanced certification enterprise certificate

Date: 2018-12-29 Browse: 1050


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Recently, changzhou Almaden co., ltd. obtained the AEO advanced certification issued by nanjing customs.

AEO advanced certification enterprise is the highest credit rating of customs enterprise credit management. Of the more than 1.2 million foreign trade enterprises in China, less than 1% are able to pass. Enjoy lower clearance inspection rate, exemption from guarantee, reduction of inspection and verification frequency, the establishment of coordinators and other facilitation measures.

Almaden attaches great importance to AEO advanced certification. Under the guidance of general manager Lin jinhan, the company has set up a special team to learn customs credit management methods and customs advanced certification standards. Compare standard to comb article by article; To hold project promotion meetings regularly and make plans and schedules; Consummates each rules and regulations and so on a series of refinement improvement measures.

The certification team of nanjing customs came to Almaden twice in October and November to carry out on-site certification. Through questioning, inspection and on-site verification, the certification team reviews the internal control, financial status, compliance, rules and regulations and other content standards of the company. The certification team highly appraised the system construction and system implementation of Almaden, and put forward corresponding improvement Suggestions.

Through this advanced certification, the company has further improved its comprehensive management ability, risk prevention and control ability and market competitiveness. Almaden will, as always, strictly perform its duties, strengthen internal control and strictly implement various customs rules and regulations.