Almaden successfully held the 2019 emergency rescue training, emergency evacuation drill and fire drill!

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Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd. Held an emergency rescue training, emergency evacuation drill and fire drill on July 24, in order to effectively strengthen the safety of the enterprise, enhance the fire safety awareness of employees and ensure that employees can carry out the rescue action of fire prevention and escape in a timely and effective manner in case of sudden disaster.

Before the drill, the company specially invited the changzhou Red Cross emergency rescue training teacher to give the front-line staff a training on daily first aid knowledge. By the teacher, the interpretation of a simple manipulations of the key items detailed let employees learned a lot about the encounter emergency and accident emergency situations should take method, also let everybody understand the necessity and the importance of on-site first-aid in working life and understand the first aid knowledge and operation is a kind of necessary security work life.

After the training, everyone ran downstairs in an orderly way for an emergency evacuation drill to quickly and safely move to a safe area.


tianning fire brigade zhulin squadron captain qin explained to the company staff in detail the use of fire extinguishers and maintenance, fire prevention unit common sense, fire notice, after the fire how to report fire, how to fight the initial fire knowledge.


Subsequently, employees of all departments of the company actively participated in the two exercises of fire extinguishers and water hose connected water guns. With close cooperation and rapid response, the team successfully completed the exercise and achieved the expected results.

During the exercise, deputy director tang of tianning district emergency management bureau led the team to our company to guide the exercise. & have spent

Through this professional training and exercise, further strengthen the enterprise staff fire safety awareness, improve the actual ability of fire control operation, but also for the enterprise in the future orderly and efficient fire safety emergency work laid a solid foundation.

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