Almaden Overseas Market Re-report Australia 500KW Project Grid-connected Power Generation

Date: 2019-08-08 10:58:42 Browse: 94

Since 2019, Almaden's overseas market has been blooming and fruiting. Recently, another photovoltaic project in the Australian market officially ended!

It is understood that the project is located in South Australia, Australia, which has a flat terrain and abundant sunshine, and has unique construction advantages. In view of the generation that can not be ignored by double-sided components (besides positive generation, the back gain of double-sided components can bring higher benefits to the project), the project finally selected the Almaden double-sided double-glass frameless components, which adopt Almaden-specific 2 mm ultra-thin tempered glass on the front and back sides, reduce the weight of the components and have excellent dispersion at the same time. Thermal performance can help to improve the power of components. The unique borderless design makes it not easy for dust to accumulate on the edge of the components, it is also not easy to block the battery sheet, effectively control the hot spot effect, but also easier to clean, greatly reducing Australia's expensive maintenance costs.

According to the main participants of the project, Almaden, a Chinese enterprise, has participated in the project from early site selection and design planning, mid-term construction and later transportation to provide customers with turn-key security services.

At present, the project has been successfully connected to the grid, and the annual power generation is expected to be 1035 000 kw/h. The head of Almaden said that all of its electricity will be sold to power retailers. In addition to generating revenue, the plant will also receive government subsidies from LGC, which emits carbon rights.

Since 2019, Almaden has been expanding overseas into the fast lane, and has won many overseas projects and orders. Its EPC strength and double glass component products have won the recognition and trust of overseas high-quality customers.

Data from the Almaden Market Department show that the first Australian 200KW project supplied by Almaden has been successfully completed since June 2018, and another 200KW project in Adelaide, Australia, has been connected to the grid since early 2019. In addition to the South Australia 500KW project, Almaden has participated in the construction of photovoltaic power plants with a total scale of about 1MW in Australia, and the three power stations are all using ultra-thin double-sided glass components of Almaden's fist products. The head of Almaden said that Almaden still has a lot to do in the Australian market, considering the authoritative agency's forecast for the installation of 3GW in Australia for the whole year of 2019.


Apart from Australia, Almaden's expansion in other traditional and emerging markets in recent years has also been eye-catching. It has launched international cooperation with Japan, Switzerland, Dubai and other global countries, bringing in a number of photovoltaic power plants.

In 2014, Amaton established Dubai Middle East and North Africa Branch to produce and sell double-sided double-glass components, radiating the entire Middle East region and even the European market. With the active promotion of the Northeast China branch, in March 2019, Yama and Sierra Leone signed the EPC project contract for the 33.75MW photovoltaic power plant project. Shortly after Intersolar, Yama and the Ukraine project side signed the 120MW ultra-thin double-sided double glass component framework agreement, plus the "one belt and one road" Dongfeng plus, which is not expected. Countries and regions such as continents, the Middle East and South Asia will have more projects waiting to land.

No steps, no miles. Overseas projects have accumulated a wealth of practical experience for Almaden, and ultra-thin double-sided double-glass components have won wide praise from customers. For Amaton, this is the time when the photovoltaic industry has been in the market for more than a decade, and the wind and rain are finally accumulated.