Almaden party - building activities - into shajiabang

Date: 2018-11-15 Browse: 1895

In order to continuously enhance the vitality and cohesion of the party and youth league teams and carry forward the spirit of patriotism, on November 9, Almaden party branch and youth league branch organized some outstanding party members and youth league members to visit and study in shajiabang, pay respects to the red relics, recall the revolutionary history and receive the red education.


Came to shajiabang, party members and league members with respect to the revolutionary holy land visited the shajiabang revolutionary history museum. In the museum, a detailed historical materials, a yellowing photos and a piece of old historical relics are telling you a true and touching story.




Time mottled the old bit, but also let the past more profound. Through their red journey, never forget the hard years, but to cherish what we have.

Party members and league members deeply understand the mission and responsibility of their own shoulders, also have expressed to give full play to the vanguard role, based on their own duties, to ensure that the work has achieved real results, to contribute their own strength for the development of yamaton.